Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to distribute your RAT/Trojan or Keylogger.

Mass Distribution
# Merge the server with another server put this up somewhere advertise for it.
# Create an iso with autorun.
# Create some cd's with autorun and leave them in random places.

Single Target 
You have a single target. Whether it be a cheating ex or a friend that screwed you or just some asshole you want revenge. Here's some interesting ways to go about this.
  • Send a binded exe that does something they want it to do. If they don't trust you infect a friend and a friend's friend etc until you have someone's msn aim yahoo or email that you can send it through that they'll accept.
  • Once again create an autorun cd give it to them have someone give it to them label it as their favorite band or maybe a movie they wanna see get creative. 
  • This is by far my funniest idea. Buy one of those shitty ipods or mp3 players off ebay the ones that are broken. Send it to them with an "installation cd" with your trojan on it. Trust me they'll fall for it.  


  1. great idea ..... but there is something i still want to know how can i make a troj ??