Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short-notes for Linux

Exit GUI and start up again command line CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE
Shift to command line CTRL-ALT-F1
Shift back to GUI CTRL-ALT-F7
Terminal window and enter the shutdown, halt, or reboot command, halt will log out and shut down your system.
Use CTRL-ALT-F7 to access the first session and CTRL-ALT-F8 for the second session.
To end your session, issue the logout or exit command. This returns you to the login prompt, and Linux waits for another user to log in.
Shut down the system $ shutdown -h now
To create a link, hold both the CTRL and SHIFT keys while dragging the icon to the location where you want the link.
The startx command starts the GNOME desktop by default.
Terminal --- $ command-name options arguments
The ls command displays a listing of files in your directory.
CTRL-U erases the whole line and enables you to start over again at the prompt.

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